Wellfamily House Privacy Policy

We will give top priority to protecting your personal information.

WellFamily House Privacy Policy


■ General Provisions

WellFamily House service (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) of Demand Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company” values the privacy of the member and tries its best to protect the personal information of members.

The Company complies with privacy regulations in the relevant decrees that telecommunications service provider must comply with such as Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., Personal Information Protection Act, Protection of Communications Secrets Act, and Telecommunications Business Act, etc. Moreover, WellFamily House has enacted and complied with “Privacy Policy” in accordance with relevant decrees and is doing its best to protect the rights and interests of members.

Through the “Privacy Policy”, the Company discloses general information regarding the collection, use, and destruction of personal information provided by the member. Go to WellFamily House  App Menu > Settings to check out WellFamily House  “Privacy Policy” including items modified by relevant decrees and company’s operation policies. The revised Privacy Policy will take effect seven (7) days after the day of notification on the initial screen or the connected screen to the initial screen.


■ Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information  

The Company collects the minimum personal information necessary to establish and implement the service use contract in a legal and fair manner and provides information about the consent to collecting and using personal information at the time of first login to collect personal information which makes it possible to identify each user. If a member clicks the “Agree” button, it is considered that they have consented to collection and use of personal information. 


■ Items of Personal Information and Collection Methods

  1. Items of Personal Information

The Company collects necessary personal information to sign up for WellFamily House service to provide various services such as a membership (or service subscription), smooth customer consultation, etc. The information that is essentially collected includes ID that is provided and used, corresponding PASSWORD, user device’s serial number (device ID or IMEI), WellFamily House  content use history, information of posts in service, and administrator’s massages.

In order to use multiple functions specialized for WellFamily House service, name, date of birth, phone number, email address, profile picture, gender and family page, are additionally collected.  

Login type information, date and time of visit, service use history, Firebase cloud messaging service Token, which is individual information to send notifications, can be generated and collected during the process of service use or business management. Emails and (mobile) phone numbers can be collected in the case of inquiries to the WellFamily House service or rights infringement report, and a copy of masked ID card can be requested for user identification according to the inquiry types. 

While the event/promotion is going on, additional personal information may be collected only for users of the service, and, in the case of collecting additional personal information, “collected items of personal information, the purpose of personal information collection and use, and the period retaining personal information” will be informed and require agreements at the time of collecting the relevant personal information. 

  1. Collection Methods of Personal Information

Personal information is automatically collected during the process of WellFamily House service execution or use, or collected by member’s voluntary provision during WellFamily House service subscription or use.


■ Concerning the Installation, Operation, and Rejection of Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices

The Company automatically collects user device’s serial number (device ID or IMEI) to generate account information when WellFamily House program gets started. If the user refuses to get their device’s serial number collected automatically, WellFamily House will not be available.


■ Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use

  1. Providing Basic WellFamily House Functions

WellFamily House organizes a family in two ways: inviting a family member after searching for ID or user's name in the family creation stage, or inviting a family member by searching for ID or user's name on the Family Page Family Member Invite. When ‘Finding Family’ is executed to invite a specific user as a family member, the other party's ID, name, and date of birth are disclosed, and this is used as information to identify the member.
Among members of the family, personal information such as ID, name, gender, date of birth, phone number and Sound of Memory (dementia prevention service), Self it (fall prevention service), and other usage records on the family page are shared with each other. However, for some services (Sound of Memory), you can specify the scope of disclosure by selecting from ‘Only me’, ‘Family view’, or ‘All view’.


  1. Member Management

Personal information is used for various ways of member management such as identity verification according to membership service use and limited identity verification system, personal identification, prevention of illegal and unauthorized use of bad members whose memberships have been suspended permanently due to violation of WellFamily House Terms of Use, confirmation of member’s intention to subscribe, limit of subscription and the number of subscriptions, confirmation of age, confirmation of the legal representative’s consent when collecting personal information of children under the age of full fourteen(14), confirmation of the legal representative’s identity in the future, recordkeeping for dispute settlement, civil affairs handling like compliant handling, and delivery of disclaimers, etc.

  1. New Service Development and Utilization in Marketing and Advertisement

Personal information is utilized for new service development and specialization, provision of customized service, function improvement, provision of services and advertisement according to the statistical characteristic, confirmation of service validation, provision of opportunities to participate in events, provision of advertisement information, understanding access frequency, and statistics on member’s service use, etc.


■ Sharing and Providing Personal Information

The company shall use the personal information of users within the range notified in the “Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use” and shall not use user’s personal information out of the same range without user’s prior consents or, in principle, shall not disclose to the public. However, personal information may be shared and provided with cautions in the following cases.

  1. Provides affiliated partners with member’s information for data management, app data, and updates of corporate membership users. The information is thoroughly encrypted and managed and the risk of personal information leakage is minimized through business agreements with affiliate partners.
  • The party who receives personal information: PartPrime, Inc.
  • Purpose of use of the party who receives personal information: Data management and app update for users with corporate memberships.
  • Items of personal information provided

WellFamily House : Name, date of birth, phone number, gender, ID, Password, Application history, Each application use and evaluation results

  • The period of retention and use of personal information for the party who receives the personal information: attached to the bottom
  • You can refuse to consent and, if you refuse it, some of Demand healthcare app service will not be provided.
  1. In case users agree in advance to open their personal information to the public to use affiliate services, etc.


Personal information may be shared and provided to the third parties if you have agreed in advance to provide personal information to use services by third parties affiliated with the Company. However, the company, prior to sharing and providing information shall notify the member in advance of (1) who receives personal information, (2) purpose of personal information use, (3) items of personal information provided, (4) Period of retention and use of personal information, (5) The fact that users have the right to refuse to consent and disadvantages coming from rejection of consent and obtains the user’s consent expressly and individually. The contents of the personal information provided may be changed while providing the service, and, if the personal information required to use affiliated service is changed, additional consent will be required when users use the service. During the whole process of such situations, the Company shall not collect additional information against the member’s will or share the information with third parties beyond the scope of the consent.

In addition, in case it is necessary to provide your personal information for third parties such as other companies, in order to provide better services, the Company will go through the process of notifying you of who the affiliates are, what personal information items shall be provided or shared, purpose of use of personal information provided or shared, and how long it is going to be shared and how it is going to be managed, and the information you refuse to consent will not be provide or shared for the third parties. However, it is possible to provide and share it at the same time of notification in exceptional cases where advance notice is not possible in time. 

  1. In case there is a request from relevant organizations for the purpose of investigation, trial, or administration.

Personal information may be provided only when an investigation agency requests in accordance with procedures and methods set forth by degrees or pursuant to the provisions of other decrees of Republic of Korea such as the Act on Real Name Financial Transactions and Confidentiality, Credit Information Use and Protection Act, Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act, Local Tax Act, Consumer Protection Act, Bank of Korea Act, Criminal Procedure Act, etc.

  1. In case that succession of right and obligations occurs due to the Company’s transfer of business or division/merger

In case of transferring all or some parts of the Company’s business or transferring or succeeding the rights and obligations of the Company due to merger or inheritance, the Company shall notify the member of the fact to guarantee the member’s rights related with personal information protection pursuant to Article 27 of Personal Information Protection Act.


■ Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and Exercise of the Rights 

Members and legal representatives can view or modify their registered personal information or the personal information of children under the age of full fourteen at any time, and if they do not agree with the way of processing personal information of the Company, they can refuse to agree or request termination of subscription(membership withdrawal). However, in such cases, some or all of the services may not be available. Viewing and modifying personal information of users or children under the age of full fourteen (14) are available in Menu> My Page in WellFamily House App and please contact the person in charge of personal information management in writing, by phone (82)31-698-2940) or by email (help@demand.co.kr) to terminate subscription or withdraw consent and we will take action without delay.  

If members request for correction of errors in personal information, the Company will not use or provide the corresponding personal information until the error has been corrected. Also, if wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, the Company will forthwith notify the third party of the correction of errors to make a correction. However, viewing and correcting personal information may be exceptionally restricted in the following cases.

- In case there is a risk of significant damage to the life, body, property, or rights and interests of the person or a third person.

- In case there is a possibility to cause a serios interruption to the work of the corresponding service provider.        

- In case of violation of decrees

The Company is dealing with personal information that has been withdrawn or deleted at the request of members or their legal representatives as specified in “Period of Personal Information Retention and Use”, it is not allowed to be read or used for other purposes.

When the Company becomes aware that members have registered memberships by stealing another person’s personal information, it shall take necessary actions without delay such as suspending the use of the service or deleting the account for the corresponding ID, etc. In addition, if members who have recognized their personal information was stolen request to suspend the service use or withdraw membership of the corresponding ID, the Company will take immediate action.


■ Period of Personal Information Retention and Use

In principle, members’ personal information shall be destroyed without delay once the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. If members delete their accounts or their IDs get deleted due to the false entry of personal information, the collected personal information will be deleted permanently and will not be used for any purposes. However, the personal information will be temporarily stored during the seven (7)-day grace period after membership withdrawal application since it is possible that damages, such as unwanted membership withdrawal, etc., may occur due to the theft, and this will be notified to the members when they terminate the service use. It will be permanently deleted from the Company’s membership information database (DB) after seven (7) days. .

When a dispute arises such as identity theft, etc., a copy of the identification submitted for identification will be forthwith destroyed after identification. Information of legal representatives of children and juveniles under the age of full nineteen (19) is destroyed when those children and juveniles reach adulthood, or their personal information is disposed of corresponding to the membership withdrawal of those children and juveniles. 

The personal information of the member is forthwith destroyed when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, however, it can be kept for the specified period if it comes under the following items, and it shall not be used for other purposes.


Items of Information Retained

Reasons and Grounds for Retention:

Retention Period:

Information Retention in accordance with the Company’s Internal Policy


Abusing History

Prevention of Illegal Signup and Use

1 year

Information Retention in accordance with Relevant Laws

Records on Contract or Subscription Withdrawal


Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.

5 years

Records on Payment and Supply of Currency, etc.

Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.

5 years

Records on Settlement of Consumer’s Complaints or Disputes

Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.

3 years

Records on Fair Labeling and   Advertisement

Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.

6 months

Accounts and Documentary Evidence on all transactions stipulated by the Tax Law

Framework Act on National Taxes

5 years

Records on Electronic Financial Transactions

Electronic Financial Transaction Act


5 years

Records on Identification


Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

6 months


Records on Visit


Protection of Communications Secrets Act

3 months

If it is necessary to retain the information in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws such as the Commercial Law and the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc. the Company stores personal information for a certain period of time set by relevant laws. If the retention period is changed due to revision of relevant decrees, the Company will only use the retained information for retention itself, and the retention periods are as above.


■ Procedures and Methods of Destroying Personal Information

In principle, the member’s personal information shall be destroyed without delay once the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. The procedures and methods of the Company to destroy personal information are as follows

  1. Target to be Destroyed

- Sign-up Information

  1. Procedures of Destruction

Personal information that has been collected and used for the Company’s purpose of use shall be transferred to a separate database (a separate document box in case of paper) and destroyed after being stored for a certain period of time in accordance with the Company’s internal policy and relevant laws. The corresponding personal information will not be used for any purposes other than retention unless otherwise instructed by laws.

  1. Methods of Destruction

 When personal information is destroyed, the personal information printed on paper is broken into shatters by a grinder or destroyed by incineration, and the personal information stored in an electronic file is deleted by a technical method where the record cannot be recovered or reproduced.


■ Rights and Obligations of Members

Members shall keep the personal information up to date and accurate to prevent any mishaps. Members are responsible for the accidents caused by incorrect information that they filled in, and if they fill in false information such as identity theft, etc., the use of the account may be restricted.

Members who use WellFamily House have the right to get their personal information and themselves protected and not to infringe on the information of others. Members shall be careful not to disclose personal information including ID and Password and not to damage personal information of others including posts. If members do not fulfill the responsibilities and damage other’s information and dignity, they may be punished pursuant to the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.


■ Technical and Administrative Protection Measure for Personal Information

The Company is devising a technical and administrative protection measure to secure the safety not to get personal information lost, stolen, leaked, altered, and damaged in dealing with the personal information of the member.

  1. Personal Information Encryption

Passwords of WellFamily House members are encrypted to be stored and managed, so only the members know their own, and the confirmation and modification of the information must be done by the persons themselves.

  1. Measure against Hacking, etc.

The Company is trying its best to prevent members’ personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer virus. It frequently backs up the data to prevent personal information from being damaged, uses up-to-date vaccine program to prevent personal information or data of the member from being leaked or damaged, and makes sure personal information is transmitted securely on the network through encrypted communications. Also, it uses a firewall system to control the unauthorized access from outside and tries to equip all possible technical devices to ensure security in other systems.

  1. The Company’s Manpower Arrangement for Personal Information Protection


The Company has prepared procedures etc. for access and management of members’ personal information so that its employees can understand and comply with them.

The Company limits the number of people who can process members’ personal information to a minimum. Those who can handle members’ personal information are as follows.

- Those who perform marketing works directly or indirectly to the member

- Those who carry out personal information protection and protection works

- Those who are inevitable to process personal information due to other works

The Company endeavors to forthwith modify and rectify any problem found by confirming the requirement implementation and manager’s compliance with Privacy Policy of WellFamily House. However, the Company will not hold any liability for the leakage of personal information caused by members’ personal mistake or the fundamental danger of the internet. Members shall properly manage and be responsible for their Password and ID to protect their personal information.


■ Personal Information Manager and Person in Charge

The Company values the member’s personal information and tries its best to prevent members’ information from being damaged, infringed, or disclosed. All civil complaints related to personal information protection that occurs while using services can be reported to the Company’s personal information manager by phone or email. The Company will endeavor to give enough answers to the reports promptly to the member.

Name and Position (or the name of department) Jaehoon Kim, Management Support department

Phone: 82)31-698-2940

Email: help@demand.co.kr


■ Consultation and Report on Personal Information Infringement

If you need to report or consult about other personal information infringements, please contact the following agencies. 

- Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) (https://privacy.kisa.or.kr/kor/main.jsp / 82)118 without area code)

- ePRIVACY Mark Certification Committee (www.eprivacy.or.kr / 82)2-580-0533~4)

- Cyber Crime Unit of Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Republic of Korea (http://www.spo.go.kr / 82)2-3480-2000)

- National Police Agency Cyber Bureau (http://cyberbureau.police.go.kr/eng/index.do/ 82)2-392-0330)

Notification Date: 2020.12.28.

Enforcement Date: 2020.12.28.

This is the Privacy Policy for WellFamily House service (hereinafter referred to as “WellFamily lHouse” or “Service”) provided by Demand, Ltd.